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AXIS integrates an easy-to-use, cloud-based Transportation Management System (TMS) with real-time visibility and analytics for your trucking operations, all on a centralized platform accessible from anywhere.


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Who We Are

Who We Are

Our team of industry experts, engineers, and software gurus have created a Trucking Management Software platform that manages thousands of trucking businesses in the United States…

Our Mission

Our Mission

We explore how our trucking management software capabilities can help organizations (both small and large) address their problems and realize their possibilities…

What We Do

What We Do

Axis TMS was built on years of experience running various trucking business functions manually. Several expensive software solutions exist in the market but lack the full feature suite…

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Axis TMS

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Our trucking management and fleet dispatch software has built in features to fulfill every aspect of your trucking business.


Trucking Management and Fleet Dispatch Software that helps you structure,
organize, and streamline your trucking business.

Assign and Offer Orders

Assign & Offer Orders

Assign orders to your drivers, setup pending shipments and schedule orders to automatically dispatch to a truck.

Maps and Routing

Maps & Routing

View the location of your trucks along the defined route, ETA calculations, arrival status, trailer availability statuses and more.

Driver App

Driver App

AXIS TMS provides GPS location, odometer & speedometer readings, diagnostic trouble codes, next availability location, driver messaging, real-time truck location, and more!

Truck / Trailer Monitoring and Diagnostics

Truck / Trailer Monitoring & Diagnostics

Monitor location, vehicle speed, driver engagement, etc. and maintain vehicle health, trouble code information, and much more.

Driver Hardware & Integration

Driver Hardware & Integration

We offer unique plug-and-play hardware integrated solutions to provide vehicle tracking, safety, communication, diagnostics, and much more.

Driver Payroll and Customer Invoicing

Driver Payroll & Customer Invoicing

Manage payroll, payment status, generate and provide invoices, notify drivers real-time in their AXIS TMS Pro app, and more.

IFTA Mileage & Fuel Sync

IFTA Mileage & Fuel Sync

Our system incorporates your fuel card and telematics provider to calculate fuel purchases, mileage and gallons pumped state by state.

Document Scanning

Document Scanning

Driver can scan a document at the end of an order and upload it directly to the Document Inbox. This auto-compiles the paperwork on to the invoice.

Safety & Fleet Compliance

Safety & Fleet Compliance

Setup driver qualification files, trucks, trailers, agreements, compensation details, safety & maintenance records, & scheduling.

TMS Pricing

Plans starting at $99 per month

  • Ultra-low Affordable Monthly Payments
  • No Contractual Obligations
  • No Set Up Fees
  • Zero Up-Front Costs
  • No Price Increases
  • Unlimited Technical Support at no cost
  • Convenient Pricing Tiers based on truck counts
  • Unlimited Training Support at no cost
  • Software Engineers Readily Available for any customized software features
Full Control of Your Trucking Company

Full Control of Your Trucking Company. At Your Fingertips.

We’ve made a huge effort to automate the shipment update process. The driver app goes hand in hand with the Axis TMS Pro platform. All updates are transmitted to your dashboard and customer email — as quick as 2 to 5 second GPS location interval, shipment notes, shipment check-in/out, bill of lading data (pieces, qty, weight) and high-quality document scanning.

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We Are Miles Ahead of the Competition.

Easier to Use Software

Our Software Is Easier To Use With A Superior Interface

We have reviewed the user interfaces of numerous competitors and consulted with industry experts to develop a system that is simple, easy to navigate, does not require excessive customizations…

Lowest Cost Full Scale TMS

We Offer The Lowest Cost Full Scale TMS Available. Hands Down

Unlike our competitors whose products are nearly impossible to determine your monthly cost, our trucking management software includes all available features for one common low price…

State of the Art Software

We Are State Of The Art

Finally, our software platform is up to date with the latest trucking regulations and business operating requirements. We have industry experts on our team that engage closely with our customers…

Why Choose Axis TMS

An Immeasurable Return
on Your Investment.

Save time and money

Save Time and Money

Our system easily reduces your required office employees by 30% resulting in significant…

Cloud Based Everything

Cloud Based Everything

Our Trucking Management Software is also 100% cloud based. Use it from your office…

Reduce Complexity

Reduce Complexity

Dispatches, payroll, invoices, orders, reports, GPS position status, mileage-based…

Real Time Status Info

Real Time Status Info

As you are aware, fleet position and overall vehicle status is everything…

Industry Leading Services



Axis TMS simplifies the factoring process to ensure you are paid on-time for every single load you complete. We are a registered partner with three companies where 1-Touch factoring is enabled on our system, making the process even easier for you & your factoring partner. Get started now with Triumph Business Capital.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

In addition, our software offers the capability to integrate your needed EDI sources within our TMS. Our software engineers and EDI partners provide the ideal EDI team to ensure your needs are met. These capabilities will allow you to be more efficient and obtain work with particular customers that require this level of data interchange.

Load Board Integration

Load Board Integration

Axis TMS includes integration with multiple load boards (and more to come) resulting in even fewer reasons to leave our application and increased profitability for your company. Currently Axis TMS is integrated with PostEverywhere, 123LoadBoard, and DAT LoadBoard. Productivity and profitability for your company is our #1 goal.

Hardware Integration and Sales

We offer unique plug-and-play hardware integrated solutions to ensure vehicle tracking, safety, communication, diagnostics, and much more.

We’ve established extensive partnerships with multiple hardware providers, and can get you equipped with the hardware required to operate your trucking business. With exclusive discounts, you can take advantage of:

  • Driver Tablets
  • Dual Facing Dash Cameras
  • Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs)
  • GPS / Trailer Trackers
  • Driver Facing Dash Cameras
  • Vehicle Health Trackers

and Much More!

If you’re looking for further discounts, we offer discounted pricing on software & hardware bundles. Lastly, we also offer the most affordable pricing on Driver Tablets anywhere.

Fleet Safety and
Compliance Services

We offer USDOT and Operating Authority compliance services, IFTA services, IRP services, Use Tax Filings,
Heavy Highway SF2290 services, and general Safety and Compliance Consulting services.


Axis provides tax submissions and license renewal services to satisfy all of your fleet’s International Fuel Tax Association credentials (license & decals).

Department of Transportation

We are experts in completion and submittal of your operating authority application, in addition to registrations for Kentucky, New York, New Mexico, United Carrier, FMCSA, and much more.

International Registration Plan, Inc.

Further, we also specialize in managing your International Registration Plan account for obtaining commercial equipment plates.