Driver Mobile App for Trucking Business

  • Easy Homepage Simple trucking management software design allowing the driver to view active order and order offers along with 6 buttons to perform a variety of actions: Communicator (2-way), Make Requests, ELD Application, Update Status, Scan Documents and Search for Loads.
  • Update Stops A driver can check-in and out from stops, which instantly updates customers and dispatch personnel. A driver can also input quantity, pieces, weight, POD and much more!
  • Get Directions Driver has the ability to select Get Directions on each stop of the Axis TMS Pro Driver App. Once the Get Directions button is selected, the app will automatically launch Smart Truck Route GPS Navigation instead of on-board maps such as Google Maps or iOS Maps.
  • Communicator Driver can communicate instantly with web personnel and vice-versa. This is a simple chat function designed for quick communication between dispatch, management, safety personnel and drivers.
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Driver Mobile App Multi Features

Get the Most Skilled Driver for Every Load

With the AXIS TMS mobile app, fleet managers have the ability to access a pool of highly skilled truck drivers, all at your fingertips. We’ve made our platform one of the most innovative in the industry, matching each load with the most qualified driver based on their expertise, location, and availability. With our truck driver mobile app, your drivers won’t have to input information manually, allowing drivers access to highly optimized logistics. Move your freight with confidence with the AXIS TMS mobile app today!

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Manage Your Trucking Business, No Matter Where You Are!

Manage your trucking business like a pro with the AXIS TMS mobile app! With AXIS TMS, your fleet managers can access real-time information about their fleet while out on the road, making their job easier than ever before. The impressive AXIS TMS truck driver mobile app allows fleet managers to track their trucks and drivers in real-time, e-sign BOLs, add check calls, upload receipts, and much more!

Driver Mobile App
Driver Mobile App Multi Features
  • E-signature on Stops Driver can be required to take signatures from shippers or receivers if the settings are set from the web dashboards. This will require the driver to obtain a signature, first and last name.
  • Scan and Fax Documents Driver can scan a document at the end of an order and upload it directly to the Document Inbox. This auto-compiles the paperwork on to the invoice. The driver has a fax option as well, which mimics a traditional fax.
  • Load Search Driver can search over 150,000 orders posted daily from current GPS position! Upon selecting an order a driver can notify dispatch personnel on web end to take the order.
  • Drive Logbook Launch the Axis TMS Logbook App or if you already have an ELD Provider, by enabling the provider, it will launch your provider app instead from within the Axis TMS Driver App.
  • Make Requests Driver can make multiple requests from the mobile app. Each request is sent to the Dispatch Dashboard notifying personnel on the driver’s requests.
  • Receive Order Offers Driver can receive order offers as they are sent from the Dispatch Department. A driver can either accept or decline the order offer. Whatever decision the driver makes, the Dispatch Personnel can see the status on the Pending Order page. When accepted, the order will become assigned to the driver and convert into a running order.

Set a New Standard in the World of Trucking

Take your trucking operations to the next level with the AXIS TMS mobile app. At AXIS TMS, we’re not just a software company, we’re leading the pach when it comes to transforming how the trucking industry operates and manages drivers. Our intuitive app allows drivers and dispathchers to be more efficient and reliable. Experience the future of logistics management today with AXIS TMS.

Driver Mobile App

Flexibility, Ease of Use, and Connectivity

Easier to Use Software


Our truck driver app adapts to the ever-changing demands of the trucking industry. Whether you’re on the road or in the office, you can stay connected and in control of your operations with AXIS TMS.

Superior Interface

Ease of Use

With our user-friendly app, we designed our interface to make sure that drivers can focus on driving without having to navigate complex software. The features of our app, along with easy navigation, making our truck driver app a breeze for all drivers.

Superior Interface


Stay connected, no matter where your drivers are! With our real-time updates and communication tools, you can view information such as load assignments, live GPS tracking, and more! Our app keeps everyone in the loop, from driver to dispatcher.

Since implementing the AXIS TMS Truck Driver Mobile app, our logistics operations have been streamlined and efficient. Assigning tasks, tracking deliveries, and accessing insightful reports has never been easier. The software’s user-friendly interface and excellent customer support have made it an invaluable asset to our business.

Discover the AXIS TMS Driver Mobile App

Revolutionize your fleet management with AXIS TMS! Say goodbye to logistical headaches and inefficiencies. Streamline operations, optimize routes, and boost productivity. Join the future of truck driver management today!


Can I Use an App for ELD?

You can use AXIS TMS as your Electronic Logging Device (ELD) for trucking, however, it is important that it meets FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) regulations. Our ELD app includes functionality for electronic logs, duty status tracking, and compliance monitoring, all from the palm of your hand!

How to generate IFTA Reports with AXIS TMS

To generate IFTA reports with AXIS TMS trucking management software, go to the reporting section and select the IFTA reporting option. It’s easy, just enter data such as miles traveled and fuel purchased across jurisdictions. The software will automatically calculate taxes owed and generate a comprehensive IFTA report for compliance purposes.

What Is the Due Date to File the IFTA Report?

The deadline for the IFTA report usually falls on the last day of the month at the end of the quarter. Let’s take this example, say for the first quarter, the due date is April 30th. Therefore, it’s important to submit the report before the deadline to avoid penalties and maintain compliance.