Enterprise Trucking Management Software

(150+ Trucks Required)

  • Primary Features Includes everything in PRO and the following:
    – Tablet with Mount and 4G LTE Service
    – Branded front end
    – Dedicated server and database
    – Integrations and custom development
    – Your domain name
    – Backup and failover protection
    – 24/7 support team
    – Branded mobile applications on App Stores (Google / Apple)
  • Backup and Failover Your enterprise is important and your uptime, your client data, and ability to restore performance are absolutely critical, we recognize that by offering:
    – Monthly, weekly, and/or daily backups
    – Off-site backups every 4 hours
    – Failover server – kicks in within minutes in the event of a highly unlikely cloud server failure
  • Dedicated Server with Database
    Ensure optimal performance for your enterprise with:
    – Dual processor Xenon E5-2650 V4 (or equivalent)
    – 32GB RAM
    – 10TB Bandwidth
    – RAID 1
    – Setup and implementation (14 to 30 days)
Trucking Management Software for Enterprise Customers