Driver Payroll for Trucking Companies

  • PaystubsRun driver payroll weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pay periods. Add auto-recurring or amortized deductions, escrow and much more. Easy to manage payroll with automatic on-road deductions rolled in, so you don’t miss any deductions.
  • Pay Per LoadWhen assigning or offering loads see the approximate cost for the driver based upon gross load percentage. You can set a flat rate or percentage.
  • Ready to Process QueueSimply go to your ready to process payroll queue and validate pay data. You will have the ability to view key data that is important for paying your drivers. this includes date completed, reference data, paperwork status, pay status, customer name and compensation amounts.
  • Pay Per MilePay drivers per mile driven empty or loaded. On Order Assign the system will automatically calculate distances from either Current GPS Position or Planned / Previous Order.
  • Additions and DeductionsAdditions and deductions will automatically appear on the pay summary screen prior to processing your pay-stub. Deductions will be automatically rolled in from fuel cards and other recurring scheduled deductions.
  • Pay Per HourEnable Pay Per Hour to have your Driver Clock In and Clock Out. The system will auto-detect location on any in or out times.
AXIS TMS - Payroll Simplified: Features & Advantages Overview
Driver Payroll Software for Trucking Companies
Driver Payroll Software for Trucking Companies