Trucking Management Software Features

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Trucking Management
Software Features

Axis TMS Pro is a versatile system that is jam packed with trucking management software features to help you manage every aspect of your trucking business. Built for owners, operators, managers, and brokers, the below features are available for all price packages and available for your use anywhere using our cloud-based system.

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Driver Mobile App

Driver Mobile App

Our uncomplicated trucking management software design lets drivers effortlessly access active orders and order offers. They also have six buttons at their fingertips to execute various actions: a two-way Communicator, Request Submission, ELD Application, Status Updates, Document Scanning, and Load Searches.

Dispatch and Order Management

Setup pending shipments and schedule orders to dispatch to a truck automatically with Auto Dispatch option.

Axis TMS Dispatch and Order Management Software
Trucking Software with Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring

Receive up-to-date status info on shipment scheduling, delays, ETA calculation, & arrival status. Our system provides delay notifications to customers and is able to restrict & filter updates down to terminal and employee levels.

Driver Payroll

Run driver payroll weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pay periods. Add auto-recurring or amortized deductions, escrow and much more. Easy to manage payroll with automatic on-road deductions rolled in, so you don’t miss any deductions.

Driver Payroll Software for Trucking Companies
Safety & Fleet Compliance Management Software

Safety and Fleet Compliance

Setup your driver qualification files, trucks, trailers, agreements, compensation details, safety records, maintenance records, maintenance scheduling, employment process check system, and more.

Accounts Receivable

Track all of your sent invoices with a built in aging mechanism for detection of days old.

Trucking Accounts Receivable Software
Trucking Management Software for Enterprise Customers

For Enterprise Clients

(150+ Trucks Required)

We understand the significance of your enterprise. Your uptime, client data, and performance restoration are of paramount importance. To underscore our commitment, we provide backups and failover servers to ensure uninterrupted operations.